Architectural Precast Concrete & Cast Stone Directory Page

The architectural precast concrete & cast stone division of Steps Plus manufactures a variety of custom products ranging from simple window sills to ornate pieces for restoration work. Our lab will achieve your desired color with the aid of pigments and natural aggregates. Our advanced methods consistently produce a high quality precast concrete product that adds a distinctive touch to any project. In order to make the most durable product possible, we use only the wet-cast method of production.

At Steps Plus, we offer you our expertise for all of your architectural precast concrete requirements. Our facilities and experienced staff enable us to supply you with technical assistance, itemized cost figures, customized samples reflecting both color and texture, and professional shop drawings. Very few other companies can match our qualifications for this type of work.

Take a look at our job photos to get a small sampling of some previous projects. Check out our sign pages for ideas and photos of signs utilizing Architectural Precast Concrete and Cast Stone. Our Documents Page has an SDS sheet for you to print for your jobsite safety books and an ‘Architectural Precast Concrete and Cast Stone Maintenance Instructions’ sheet for job close-out owner’s manuals.

Architects should review our Specification Directory which points out the most important items that should be included in an Architectural Precast Concrete or Cast Stone specification to help ensure that the material delivered to the job site matches your expectations and does so without “surprise” change order requests along the way. A number of specification sections are available here for you to print out or copy and paste into your word processor. Visit our Precast versus Other Materials page to see how precast products by Steps Plus compare with other materials used for architectural trim.