Increase curb appeal and safety with a walkway from Steps Plus. Walkways are typically 37-1/2″ or 47-1/2″ wide, cast in one or several panels to achieve the desired length. Sidewalks can be cast with a standard radius curve or in straight panels. We can cast sidewalks in broom finish or other textures.


Our sidewalks are made up of precast panels imprinted and colored to recreate brick and stone. However, unlike sidewalks made of real stone pavers, grass will not grow up between bricks and individual bricks will not loosen up and become a tripping hazard. The sidewalk panels are custom made for each job and are sized to be as large as possible for each particular situation.

All of our panels are cast from 5000 PSI concrete, and come with the same quick installation as our steps. No major work, no hassle!

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