Concrete Patios

While this patio looks like brick, it’s actually made up of precast panels imprinted and colored to look like brick. However, unlike patios made of real brick pavers, grass will not grow up between bricks and individual bricks will not loosen up and become a tripping hazard. The panels are custom made for each job and are sized to be as large as possible for each particular situation. An average size is about 20′ long x 4′ wide. They are set on special footings for stability and, should your ground ever shift or settle, the precast patio panels can easily be shimmed level again.

Our precast panels are cast face down and then flipped over so the strongest, most durable side of the concrete is exposed. This is exactly opposite of poured-in-place concrete that has a pattern stamped into the less durable cement paste at the top surface. Patio Closeup

Woodgrain Patio w/Grey Stone Steps We also offer panels with a wood-grain finish. You get all the beauty of wood but with the strength and durability of precast concrete.


A raised precast concrete patio has a number of advantages over a wooden deck such as reduced maintenance and no under deck mess. Hardscape raised patios can be attractive but are expensive and have a high failure rate if not properly assembled. Decorative structural precast concrete panels by Steps Plus gives you the construction efficiencies of a wood deck with none of the problems related to multi-piece hardscape construction. In most cases, its a matter of installing 2 piers and 2 brackets on a cellar wall. Three wall panels are set on the piers and wall brackets and then structural decorative deck panels are set on top. Precast concrete steps and railings are available. The job is attractive, affordable, and completed quickly without a mess or major ground disruption.

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