Concrete Patios

Steps Plus manufactures and installs precast concrete patios within 30 miles of Syracuse, NY. We can install patios in back yards and can usually find an access solution to help you get your backyard looking beautiful.

Our patios stay beautiful too. Unlike patios made of brick pavers, grass will not grow up between bricks and individual bricks will not loosen up and become a tripping hazard. The panels are custom made for each job and are sized to be as large as possible for each particular situation. An average size is about 20′ long x 4′ wide. They are set on special footings for stability and, should your ground ever shift or settle, the precast patio panels can easily be shimmed level again.

We offer select finishes, shown below, and we also offer staining. With a good concrete stain, you can give your new patio just the look that you want!

Our patios can be cast in one of these four select finishes

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