Our concrete porches are constructed from precast concrete panels and have stone hand applied to them. Unlike our precast steps, porches have completely custom design features. Next time you’re planning an outdoor remodeling project think Steps Plus!

Contractors building large commercial projects use decorative concrete panels to build better, easier and more economically. Steps Plus uses this same method of construction on a smaller scale to build large residential porches. Structural panels can be supported on piers. Panels are connected with embedded connectors. No continuous footing is required. Side wall panels can be plain, imprinted, or stone veneer. Deck panels can be plain, broom finished, or imprinted. We will help you with the design of your project, then make and deliver your custom built decorative precast panels. We can install some products for you while others will need to be installed by a contractor. Permits and architectural services to be supplied by others (if required).

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