Manufacturer Qualifications

The founder of Steps Plus began manufacturing precast concrete steps in Syracuse, NY in 1967. Our reputation for high quality precast concrete steps led a number of commercial contractors to come to us for small sill and coping projects. Over the years, our architectural products division has grown to be the largest architectural precast concrete trim / cast stone supplier in central New York. From jobs consisting of a single datestone to 5,300 piece projects like the 2003 Center for Medical Science Project in Albany, NY, Steps Plus is the company that contractors turn to when the job must be done right the first time. Modern facilities in conjunction with an experienced staff ensures that everything from shop drawings and samples to the last finished piece turns out the way it should. A quick glance through the job photos section of our web site will show the care and craftsmanship that go into all our products. For every job we undertake, our goal is to provide the best quality product possible at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time frame.

Here’s why Steps Plus is one of the most trusted and dependable manufacturers in the business:


Twice a year, Steps Plus is inspected from top to bottom by engineers approved by the Architectural Precast Association to ensure that we meet the national guidelines for plant certification. APA certification confirms to contractors, architects, and owners that the precaster has the knowledge and facilities to produce products that meet APA’s national standards.


  1. A founder that has been in the precast concrete and cast stone business since 1958.
  2. A President who is an A.C.I. Concrete Construction Inspector Level II, as well as an APA Level II Quality Control Manager, who supervises all phases of production. His technical knowledge, together with years’ of hands-on experience assure that all your jobs will be completed to your satisfaction. He is also a past president and past member of the Board of Directors of the Syracuse A.C.I. Chapter.
  3. An Executive Vice President, with Steps Plus since 1980, that personally oversees the scheduling and coordination of all projects.
  4. A top-notch detailing department. Our full-time detailers specialize in the layout of curved and other complicated assemblies using our CAD system. Both detailers cross-check each other’s work to help ensure shop drawing accuracy.
  5. An Estimating Supervisor who has been pricing custom architectural precast and cast stone products since 1978. In addition, he also has had hands-on experience in all phases of the business from detailing to actual production. He also designs the custom computer programs used throughout the operation and maintains our web site.
  6. Two assistant estimators, both with production experience, that take-off projects and work with contractors to establish an accurate scope of work to ensure the best possible pricing.
  7. A Quality Control Supervisor who is an ACI Certified Field Testing Technician Grade I that checks forms and finished product to ensure it is within tolerances.
  8. A skilled and experienced production crew that takes pride in turning out a high quality product, be it an ornate cornice piece for the restoration of a historical church or a simple sill for a new office building.


Our front building houses our offices, drafting department, form shop, color lab, pattern shop, dead level bed for casting large panels, step casting area and step finishing area.

Our rear building is dedicated to casting, finishing, stacking and curing custom architectural precast concrete and cast stone trim items. The white & gray cement silos seen in the far right of the photo are almost at the end of this very long building.

We strive to have our product ready before our customers need it. This photo shows over 320 pallets of custom precast and cast stone items that are ready for shipment ahead of our customers’ schedules.

  1. The Steps Plus has two buildings and nearly 4 acres dedicated to production and storage of custom precast and cast stone products.
  2. A networked computer system is used for accounting, estimating, and production to ensure accuracy in all these areas. The detailing department utilizes AutoCad for detailing complicated layouts on shop drawings.
  3. An in-house lab for quickly developing custom mixes to match whatever the purchaser requires.
  4. An in-house form shop has the equipment and personnel to quickly produce custom forms to exacting standards.
  5. An in-house pattern shop efficiently handles the fancier, intricate forming jobs. Our artisans can rebuild deteriorated or damaged concrete or stone pieces and then create molds off them to be used to make replacement pieces.
  6. A computerized batching and mixing system ensures color consistency and accurate mix proportioning.


  1. A structural engineer with experience in the field of precast concrete dating back to 1961. This former Wincrete Precast Corporation Chief Engineer of 18 years acts as our technical consultant. The Carrier Dome in Syracuse is but one of his many projects.
  2. A professional sculptor who works hand-in-hand with Steps Plus’ own form makers to create forms for sculpted or bias relief pieces. The 8′ high Jerry Rescue Monument in Clinton Square in Syracuse, NY is just one of Sharon BuMann’s works. She has also done the butter sculptures for the New York and Texas State Fairs as well as the Chocolate Statue for the Nestle Chocolate Festival in Fulton, NY.
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