Color Chart

Color is one of the most important aspects of architectural precast concrete and cast stone. At Steps Plus we can design mixes to match items such as existing precast concrete, weather-stained limestone, and exposed aggregate panels. We can also develop mixes with the correct color tone to contrast or blend in with just about any material from colored CMU’s to colored insulated wall systems. The reproductions on this page represent just a small sampling of the colors we can achieve with our standard materials and pigments. We do not charge extra for custom mixes in the “earthtone family” of colors made with any of our standard aggregates. Non-earthtone colors that require special pigments (such as blue and green) or non-stock aggregates do cost extra. Whether the goal is to match existing trim materials or to simply complement new masonry work, Steps Plus is the company to turn to whenever high quality architectural precast concrete or cast stone items are required.

Due to processing procedures and variations in monitor sizes and settings, be aware that the color tone and magnification of the images below may not be extremely accurate. For this reason, actual samples are submitted for approval for every project.

Natural Grey
Grey Limestone
Grey 50/50
Mist Grey
Simulated Limestone
Dark Buff
Pure White
Off White
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