Precast Steps

Precast concrete steps by Steps Plus offer a variety of attractive entrance possibilities. We cast our steps from a standard mold design, but we can customize each step for the needs of your job. We can configure our cast steps and sidewalks to create a beautiful layout from almost any design. From providing a safe, simple access solution to designing your dream landscaping project Steps Plus can make it happen.

Steps Plus is quick; estimates are usually sent out within 2 days of receiving a request. Steps, if they are one of our many stock sizes, are usually installed within about three weeks of receiving a signed contract.

Precast steps are very reasonably priced. Most installations are well under $1,500.00. In almost all instances, they are less expensive than any concrete, brick or stone steps that are made at the site.

All of our steps are given a finish before they are installed. You can pick your finish from the options listed below. All of our finishes except for stucco are applied at an additional cost. See more photos of finished steps on our gallery page.

Steps Plus offers five elegant finishes for your precast steps.

Grey Stone
Buff Stone
Homestead Brick
Rustic Brick

Steps Plus is here today and here tomorrow. The people at Steps Plus have been producing precast steps in Syracuse since 1967. When you purchase steps from us, you can feel confident that we’ll be around to answer your questions or solve any problems be it tomorrow or five years from now.

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