Concrete Picnic Tables

Our 6′ long precast concrete picnic tables are ideal for restaurants, public parks, camping areas, beaches, rest areas and schools. Orders of multiple tables assembled or unassembled can be shipped anywhere in eastern United States by tractor trailer (Purchaser must unload). Economically priced.

Advantages Over Wood Picnic Tables

  • At 1,500 pounds, there is no need to chain them down.
  • Can be left out all year long.
  • Durable precast concrete requires no maintenance.
  • Available in “Natural Grey”, stained or “Colored” concrete. See color chart.
  • Top can be extended over supports to provide room for wheelchairs.
  • Can be sealed to resist stains.
  • Custom logos or artwork can be cast in.
  • Available in Smooth Finish or Wood-grain Finish (on table top surface only).

Wood-grain Finish with Brown Stain

Custom Logo for Syracuse University
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