Columns and Walls

Precast Wall & Wrought Iron Fence While these walls and columns look like brick, they are actually made up of precast panels imprinted and colored to look like brick. Panels span between 2 foot square columns and are topped off with precast concrete coping. The columns are crowned with a peaked pier cap which can have a decorative sphere or light fixture mounted on it. If next to a driveway, Steps Plus can make a ornamental iron gate that attaches to the columns to span the driveway. These wall panels can be used as attractive dumpster enclosures.

Advantages of Precast Concrete:

  • Less expensive than real brick.
  • Does not require an extensive footing like a real masonry wall. Can be reset should it ever shift.
  • More durable than real masonry – no mortar joints to let water in.
  • Installs quickly and easily – most can be done in one day.
  • Maintenance free – No need to paint or periodically replace slats as you would with wood fences.

Driveway columns can be made in any height to achieve just the look you want. Mailboxes and package receptacles can also be built into the columns.

The panels can also be used to clad over existing retaining walls to dress them up. A new precast cap completely covers the top edges of both the new panel and the old wall. It’s a perfect “face-lift” for old block or railroad tie retaining walls.
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