Parking Chocks

  • Durable 5000 psi air-entrained concrete.
  • Reinforced with two #4 rebars.
  • Standard 6′-0″ length.
  • Approximate weight: 250 lbs.
  • Two 3/4″ diameter thru-holes for anchoring.
  • Tapered side design equalizes pressure down and forward from car wheels to relieve tension on setting pins and chocks.
  • Slots on underside allow drainage and allow units to be lifted with forklift.
  • Graduated taper on ends relieves danger of cutting tires.
  • Chocks mark parking spaces long after painted lines have worn off.
  • Parking areas may be revised without knocking out poured-in-place curbing.
  • Use to protect buildings, shrubbery and lawns adjoining parking areas.
  • Chocks afford positive stopping for cars on sloped parking surfaces.

Chocks have a smooth form finish. While the finish is not an architectural grade finish, Steps Plus chocks have a minimum number of bug holes (air bubbles) and no honeycombing. The chocks are vibrated as they are cast to provide good consolidation of the concrete which increases durability and improves their appearance. Note that exposure to salt or other deicers may lead to deterioration of the concrete. A penetrating sealer applied by the Purchaser may reduce the damage from salt and other deicers.

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